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Newsletter - January 2022


Welcome to the Project Xulo newsletter – a quarterly bulletin for our friends and supporters. Expect project insights and updates, and a close look up into our journey documenting the history and myths surrounding the ancient dogs in the Americas.

From the Project Xulo team – we hope you're well-rested, relaxed and ready for 2022!

Achievements summary for 2021

Among our achievements of the last year:

  • We completed Phase 1 of our research and documentary project in Mexico and Peru.

  • Our work reached the level of international media coverage.

  • We established a network of collaborators that include Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panamá, England, and the United States.

  • Collaboration between Project Xulo and Oxford University has been initiated to perform DNA analysis of bone evidence of ancient dogs in our study.

Scientific paper in progress

One of our main goals for the first quarter of 2022 is to finish writing our first scientific paper about our research on hairless dogs in the Americas. We are making good progress and it is already under review by our team and Dr. Raúl Valadez from the Laboratory of Palaeozoology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

This paper will provide validation to the theory of Dr. Valadez in regards to the timeline and distribution of ancient domesticated dogs in the Americas.

Dr. Raúl Valadez in his Laboratory of Palaeozoology at UNAM, Mexico.

Current work

Kicking off the new year we have been working hard on:

  • Organizing data and footage collected so far during our research for the video documentary.

  • Working with our new collaborator, Alexander Rodríguez, an anthropologist with an emphasis in archeology, on the analysis of ancient ceramic representations of dogs identified by the Xulo Project team.

  • Studying the Spanish chronicles, codices, and other literature that contain important information about dogs in relation to ancient communities.

  • Locating archeological sites in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and planning the route for Phase 2 of the Xulo Project.

  • Finishing the design of the Project Xulo open database and search tools.

We are eagerly looking forward to a very active 2022, we will share more happy news with you soon.

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