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Dear friends:

Proyecto Xulo is an independent, non-profit research project about canids in the Americas and their relationship with humanity, from the earliest cultures to the present day. Our goal is to educate and support research on these topics in the area of ​​anthropology, archaeology, archaeozoology, paleontology and history.

We successfully financed Phase 1 of the project, and we are now ready to continue to Phase 2, which includes research in Latin American countries, the production of our educational video documentary, the development of an open database of scientific knowledge and other projects on our list.

We are currently receiving donations from friends and supporters to achieve our goals. All donations in cash or in equipment are collected through the Asociación Proyecto Xulo, our legal representation. Each semester a report on the use of donations and the progress of the project is sent to our sponsors.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us continue our research journey.


The Project Xulo team

Cash Donations

Bank Deposit or Electronic Transfer:

Beneficiary Account: Asociación Proyecto Xulo
Bank name: Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Swift Code: BNCRCRSJ
IBAN: CR91 0151 2471 0020 0009 62
Account number:  100-02-247-000096-2
CurrencyUS Dollars
Bank address: Avenidas 1 y 3, Calle 4, San José, Costa Rica.
Bank telephone number: (+506) 2212-2000

Use this Donation Guide to find out how we will use your donation to Project Xulo:

$10: With this donation we can cover daily expenses such as office and printing supplies, postage and other small expenses.

$100: This donation will help us cover expenses such as equipment maintenance, local travel and stipends, cloud storage, subscriptions.

$1000: This donation will allow us to maintain or purchase small equipment (camera lenses, hard drives, batteries), cover travel and stipends, and printed materials.

$10,000: With this donation we can support 3 team members for a month, purchase equipment (cameras, drones, microphones, tripods, projector), cover travel expenses, maintain our websites, servers and databases.

$100,000: This donation will directly support the research and production team and cover their travel, stipend, and equipment needs. It will also help us build a public database of scientific knowledge of the project's findings and collaborators, publish a printed catalog of ancient dog artifacts and findings, and produce an educational video documentary about ancient dogs in the Americas

The detailed budget  of Project Xulo is available upon request to our donors and supporters. Please contact us for more information. 

Every donation amount is valuable and we receive it with gratitude. Thank you so much for your support!